Safety for Kid - Section 1

Safety for Kid - Section 1 Version: 10.0

In-house product, initiated and developed by Mage Studio that promote safety for Kid. It is an education game, teaching safety tips in case of emergency situations such as stranger come, getting lost, robber invasion, fire escape, electric shock, earthquake, tsunami, lift trouble, first aid procedure … to children via small, interactive games with deliberate sound, animal, narration and visual art for both genders. This product designed focus on inspirational learning, skill-building, attractive contents to our young audience will bring kids to an unique learning experience. Within 2 years, Safety for Kid 1 has reached to 500.000 players in over the world with players the most in United State. This also rewarded more than 12000 reviews with average of 4.7 rating in Google Play and App Store. The product also won 6th place in Blue Bird VTV Award. In Vietnam, the app is widely used by some schools to provide training sessions to pupils. The app contains 12 lessons, each 15-20 minutes long.